As a real estate consultant/educator and a broker selling and renting high-end condos in Chicago’s gold coast, it is interesting how many buyers change brokers during the process of buying or selling a home. NAR statistics report that in 11% of the luxury listings, buyers have changed agents during the property purchase. So when taking a listing and marketing the property successfully follows some simple rules:
1. Focus on the best assets the property has to offer in all of your marketing for your prospective buyers. If a property has great views, make sure to present that in all your marketing.
2. Identity what would be a deal breaker in your property for some buyers, and eliminate those buyers upfront—-this can save time and money for everyone involved. To do this, you must look at the objections some buyers may have to the property upfront. For example, homes with formal dining rooms may not be appeal to buyers who are looking for an open floor plan.
3. Try to incorporate any negatives into marketing plan instead of shying away from the issues. For example, if a listing of a home has no yard, maybe it is perfect for buyers who perhaps do not want to take care of a large yard, and it is located near a beautiful park.
5. Stage a property to show its’ best assets. For example, if a large home is cluttered with furniture, it may be difficult for many buyers to visualize it. So perhaps you should suggest to your seller that they remove some of the items. Or if a home has a large yard, but the grass has many weeds, perhaps you suggest to the buyer that they should landscape the property so that buyers can really see how large and beautiful the land is.
6. Make all your words in your advertising count, and do not be repetitious.
7. In addition to the MLS to manage your listing information, you can use the enhanced features of to provide more detail on your listings.